Gemini (CL033) Universal Remote Control

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I live in a shared student flat that came with a Thomson TV and a Gemini remote control. Last week the remote stopped working pointing no fingers :-) So I turned to Google expecting some simple search that would turn up a three or four digit code I’d type in and bingo the remote would work again. After a couple of searches I turned up the same set of results that talked about holding the RCL and ENT keys simultaneously until the red indicator turns on. These instructions are no good in this case because there there is no RCL key (see picture) the only distinguishing mark I can find asides from the brand is a sticker inside the battery compartment with the code CL033. I’ve seen questions on Yahoo answers and other such community ‘answer my question and I give you good doggy points’ sites where the wrong instructions have been repeated over and over again. Arrrgghh!

Gemini CL033 Remote Control

The Solution:

  1. Turn on the TV which you wish to set the Gemini remote to control.
  2. Press and hold the ‘code search’ button situated in the top left of the remote until the red LED stays on.
  3. Press the power button once and keep the remote pointed at the TV.
  4. The LED will flash each time it tries a new set of RF codes.
  5. When your TV goes into stand by then press the enter key on your remote.
  6. You’re set you should now be able to control your TV with the remote.

I tested this on the Thomson TV set in our lounge and my Samsung Monitor / TV and they both worked but that’s it. If you have a Gemini remote let me know if this worked for you.

Update 2008-06-15: Ed (Comment 41) found a link to a PDF file that appears to have codes for Gemini remote controls, although it doesn’t say anywhere in it that it is for Gemini remote controls it does mention the code search button and talks about controling VCRs, DVDs, Satelites and Cable so it might help those of you who get here looking for the information about the 4-in-1 Gemini remote controls.

I’ve copied the file to my domain and you can download it European Remote Control Codes

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