KDE: Starting an application in a specific desktop

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I’ve been looking for a way to start specific applications on specific desktops so things are more organized. For example I like to have my mail client (KMail) on the second desktop out of the way but there when I need it and I don’t like having to either start it in that desktop or move it to desktop two if I’ve had the application start automatically.

The utility to achieve this is kstart which is used to launch applications with special window properties such as to be full screen, below other windows or to not have an entry on the taskbar. The syntax is as follows;

user@host ~$ kstart [options] command

the specific argument (option) for my example is –desktop 2 and the whole command ‘kstart –desktop 2 kmail’ I’ve got mine set up as a .desktop shortcut in ~/kde/Autostart but you don’t have to have it there or use it in shortcuts it could be used in scripts or anywhere. I think this utility is great hence the post and hopefully it’ll take people less time than it did me to find the answer in future.

Windows Update: Microsoft Office 2001 Service Pack 1 Error:78F (Solved)

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This is a good one,

For some reason loads of people are having trouble installing Office 2007 SP1 an update windows considers not optional, nor recommended, but important. Until now I was one of those people. There are loads of forum posts knocking about that recommend reinstalling, repairing the installation and most agree that you need to do these things with the office cd in the drive else you’re screwed. They’d be wrong.

Apparently, you do need a disc in the drive but it doesn’t matter what it is! I actually had ‘Gattaca’ in the drive (a damn good movie).

After a couple of failed attempts I couldn’t believe how simple and bizzare the solution turned out to be. I found the solution here and now I find the fact that it installed without a hitch because I had a DVD in my drive hilarious. There were some forum posts where people claimed to have attempted to install the service pack up to nine times. I think they need to learn how to use search engines better.

Update 20090426
Since I wrote this post the link above is no longer freely accessible the site requires a subscription to view the content.

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