UnderU.com involved in Phishing Scam

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One of the ways I like love to combat spam is by using email aliases. Basically I have one real email address that I do not give out to people but that I use to check my email with my provider. Then what I do is create any number of virtual or alias email addresses in my provider’s admin interface. So the scenario is that everytime I need to provide an email address for membership or to interact with a company I create a new email address (alias) for them and then give them that address. The beauty is that I only have to check one address and all my mail from all of those alias addresses gets sent to it automatically.

So if I ever get spam then I know exactly where it’s come from because each company / person has their own email address alias. It’s easy to stop them too, just delete the alias and no more spam! Not only that but the company or person who either spammed or allowed you to be spammed has just lost some credibility with you. Read the rest of this entry »

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