How To: Stop Marketing Text Messages from T-Mobile

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Recently I’ve been getting a few promotional txts from T-Mobile about their products and services. Now one of my phones is plugged into my computer to send text messages (see this post) so its a bit of a hassle to unplug the phone and delete them.

I phoned T-Mobile and asked them to stop! The helpful Scottish girl on the line said that she’d commence the internal process to get it sorted but that I could send a free text message to stop…

Text ‘STOP’ to 49001

I got a text message back to confirm that I’d be removed from T-Mobile’s marketing mail list within 14 days but that I may still receive messages from other companies.

This was yesterday, Today I got a message about the call I made to customer services saying they were going to ask me questions about the service. So naturally I phoned back was was like wtf?! Apparently you’ve got to turn your phone off and take the battery out for it to ‘update’. It sounded like customer service waffle to me but I did it anyway. I’ll wait and see what happens…

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Had the same with them its a nightmare! I called and made a legal demand based on the EU laws regarding ‘mobile marketing’.

    By law all mobile phone companies are supposed to clearly state in their marketing text how to ‘opt-out’. O2 was actually penalised for this back in 2000(?) or so and it set precedence. Mobile phone companies are also not supposed to harass you unless you give consent to be marketed to. This can sometimes be in the fine print that as long as you’re their customer you consent to being marketed to. Since it is so vague you can still request to be taken from the marketing list.

    Once I made this clear to t-Mobile they put me straight through to some person in the legal department who told me that I had to submit my mobile carrier details (T-Mobile) and the mobile phone number that I wish to protect from marketing to MPS. I also included a clear request to stop all phone, text, post details from being marketed to. I furthered that I did not and do not give permission for T-Mobile or any affiliate company of T-Mobile to use my details for marketing purposes. So far the texts have stopped and no more harassment. Hope it works for you!

    Mail all this to:
    Mailing Preference Service
    W1E 7EZ



  2. klkl Says:

    Wow thanks Jennifer that’s a very informative response. So far I’ve not had any more promotional material from T-Mobile but those MPS details are good to have to hand.

  3. Matt Says:

    I just tried the information in this post – I got a notification back immediately saying that the text can’t be sent. Oh well, off to try and find another way before I ring t-mobile, and sit in a queue for an hour on an 0870 number.

  4. Matt Says:

    Hi, after calling T-Mobile, they have told me that you need to send STOP to 49011, not 49001 as stated in your post. Just thought you’d like to know.

  5. klkl Says:

    Hi Matt,

    thanks for the information. Either I’ve made a typo or they’ve changed it but either way thanks 🙂

  6. Ali Says:

    I have tried the above numbers and they didn’t work. I decided to email the person theat sent a promotional text and they emailed me back to say they would take me off the system. Fingers crossed!

  7. Mike Says:

    Just a quick note to say that 49011 worked for me as of 2011-04-29.

    Thanks very much for the information; T-Mobile certainly don’t seem to be doing a very good job at making it available for some reason I just can’t fathom.

  8. Dino Says:

    Neither worked for me, I left T-Mobile due to them being rubbish, now with GiffGaff, still getting text from T-Mobile, any attempt to text 49001 or 49011 gives me a “failed”.

    Read my sorry story here:

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