Bridgnorth Mug

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Whilst still a student I worked in a pharmacy in Bridgnorth one summer for eight weeks. I really enjoyed the placement and the people there, although, not always the work. The daily commute was a pain but the people made up for it. When I left we all went for a drink in one of the local pubs. One of the presents they bought for me was a mug with the town hall of Bridgnorth on. I’ve since been working in and around Tamworth. I took the mug with me as a reminder of the fond memories I had in Bridgnorth.

A couple of nights ago I found myself dreaming I was in a multi-storey car park with a now ex-boyfriend. For some reason I was desperate to get away from him and escape in my car but I couldn’t get to it and exclude him as we were both so near to it. I decided to run up a spiralling staircase. He chased me. Initially this was playful like previous mock fights we engaged in.

I was not making enough progress up and away from him as my steps were weakened by an unknown force. It was as if I was wading through quicksand or as though my jeans were falling from my waist and retarding my speedy escape. In order to effect my refuge I decided to throw the conveniently present mug depicting Bridgnorth’s town hall in stark black and white. I threw it with unatural deftness and realistic force causing it to strike him in the head.

This apparently afforded me the time to escape as I immediately found myself back by the car picking up a shard of the mug and sadly lamenting its broken state. Yet I identified my own guilt for its state.

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  1. klkl Says:

    I see this mug everyday and I wonder if it has any significance or whether it was just a plot device and the emotion of the dream was purely concerned with the victim.

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