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My name is NAME and I recently purchased your reference dictionary of British sign language iPhone application. When I select a word in your dictionary the video starts playing, however, it plays fairly quickly and then plays the next video, then the next, also the fourth and so on.

I was wondering if there was a way to stop the application automatically moving on to the next video? I appreciate that my visual perception skills will increase with practice, however, I simply find it too much too quickly to try and appreciate the vast number of signs also it doesn’t give me the opportunity to practice them. I am aware of the feature to replay videos but that doesn’t really allow me to practice the signs at my own pace. I would have to set the replay value to some arbitrarily high value in order to practice a couple of times before being forced onto a new sign I may not of chosen in a given category for example ceremony or circumcise in the family section when the new class I attend has only been practicing immediate family members so far.

Ideally I would prefer to be able to manually choose when the application progresses to another video. I.e. have buttons for replay or next video after the current video has finished (similar to how youtube works). As I mentioned earlier the videos can seem fairly fast to a newcomer to the language such as myself I suggest it would be helpful if there were an option to slow down the videos somehow but this seems a very minor point in comparison to the automatic play issue.

I do think it is a very good application and I chose to pay the fee, which although fair was not inconsiderable. I do, however, feel that the points I have mentioned above have so far given me a disappointing experience of your application and make it quite difficult to use the dictionary. I will look forward to your response and do hope my comments have been supportive and constructive.

Kind Regards,

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