Distress on Campus

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I just dreamt I was at a university campus with my brother. The campus was quite green and grassy with a gentle slope. There were lots of large buildings fairly close to each other which made the space at the same time feel very open but reasonably small at the same time even though in fact it was a very spacious campus.

We both had separate rooms in separate buildings and had arranged to meet for an unspecified social activity most likely to the cinema or perhaps for food it is unclear exactly what.I had gone back to mine to change quickly before meeting up. For an unknown reason there was a mix up with keys.

It was a beautifully sunny day and my room was in a building at the bottom of the slope of the hill so I almost felt like I was battling up to meet him. The strangeness of the dream was now that we had each other’s keys! I phoned him about meeting and he told me that he had changed his plans and was now going to the cinema with an unknown girl. I was very curt and cross with him not least for leaving me alone and without plans but also for what appeared to be dating someone other than his girlfriend.

In my temper I had forgot to clarify how I was to get my keys back. I continued up towards his cubic building of glass and polished metal and redialled his number. He answered and without hesitation or regard for what he said began a tirade against him. Now I was to be expected and I would want my keys.

I arrived at the building and burst through the clear doors as though it was my right to be rude, empowered by my state of anger and with no regard for the others present. I quickly reached his floor and there they both stood, him in the foreground the menace in the background mute and calculating. I demanded my keys back in a bellowed voice and then argued with him about the nature of his involvement with this girl and what about his girlfriend. I had got quite emotional and upset as opposed to angry now tears streaming down my face. He contradicted himself about his relationship with this new character and so eventually I left unwilling to listen to him any further. I did, however, apologise very meekly to the receptionist for disturbing her reading.

That journey back down the hill should of been a delight in the summer however the long deep steps seemed to drag as though my body was caught in a series of still photographs that had been stitched together at interval. My heart full of gloom and sadness that one should argue so with ones own.

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